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Coaching Ventures For The Achievement Of The Sustainable Development Goals

Colleen Jack

Learning  & Development, Systems Thinking, Executive Coaching  & Consultant of  Business Leaders
I coach individuals who are business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and senior management with over 4500+ hours of experience. I work face to face, telephonically and via Skype with clients across 3 continents. My coaching approach is to emerge a client’s value focus in a collaborative reflective space.

Nadene Canning

I have worked in over 45 countries managing small companies and large projects in both, for-profit and non-profit sectors, before creating my boutique consultancy, ALLSystemsGO!, in 2009.
Today I divide my time between organizational learning &  development, team facilitation, executive coaching and teaching to build leadership &  management capacity within individuals, teams, and organizations.
Leadership, Strategy, Sustainability, Innovation & Future of Work

Jane Lauterback

 Coaching , Facilitation, Talent & Strategy Development, Empowering Dynamic Leadership
I have more than 20 years working with global organizations -- Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, foundations, non-profits and schools, both based in the US and as an ex-pat in Tokyo.
I help to integrate people, strategy and culture for increased organizational effectiveness, innovation and social impact. 
I am currently completing  A Pulse on Leadership Today, a research study among +30 CEOs and C-suite executives facing transitions on leading through purpose.

Christine Billy

I have worked with more than 1000 individuals and Fortune Global 500 teams, building on obstacles to develop powerful habits and achieve long-term success. 
I enjoyed leading global scientific, technological and change management projects by establishing cross-functional and cross-cultural collaborations. 
My philosophy: ambitious and easy! 

for Health

Andrés Novoa

Leadership, Strategy, Knowledge Management, Coaching and

I have added value to hundreds of client organizations in the domains of leadership, knowledge, organizational, team development, negotiation, strategy, franchises, operations, project management, and business development. My clients are top executives and senior management teams in the Fortune 100 and large institutions.

Katrin Hauser

 Leadership,  Business Models, System Thinking, Complexity Management, Open Innovation, Value Based Organisations, Co-Creation & Collective Impact Initiatives
I am a systemic-integrative  coach for teams and individuals as well as a senior advisor and project manager for organisational and societal change. My philosophy is to create impact through collaboration and integration, therefore I'm always collaborating with international partners such as  scaling4good legacy17 ,  SDI, and  crowd149.

Simone Reeves

Organisational Effectiveness,  Systemic Change, Culture & Future of Work, Team & Personal Leadership
I work across sectors as a facilitator, organisational development consultant, and personal & team coach. I  create and deliver experiential learning to raise the bar on leadership. I also train coaches. I am passionate about unlocking conversations that generate insight and impact and enabling organizations and communities to achieve healthier states, with greater inclusivity and participation.

Tanya Murphy

 I conduct project evaluation for social enterprises and social development & responsibility programs. I  focus on innovative education and refugee projects. It has been a pleasure to support the monitoring and evaluation of A2030.
I founded and run the Zoe Sarojini Education Trust. 
Monitoring &  Evaluation, Impact Measurement, Project Direction  & Facilitation

Biliana Vassileva

Creativity, Innovation, Failure,
Systemic Executive, Team  & Organisational Coaching,
Design Thinking
I am an executive and organizational coach for social innovation. I support individual, teams, and organizations, and work with them to turn their creativity into impact.  I am the founder of Hear I Go which helps individuals turn self-sabotage into constructive power. and the Swiss Failure+ Akademy which helps professionals adopt a mindset of turning failure into opportunity fast. 

Louise Le Gat

I have supported over 1,000 leaders in creating meaningful careers.  As an Executive Coach, I challenge them to align with their real purpose and to step into their true leadership. I am a regular Facilitator on Leadership Acceleration Programmes for change agents, high corporate potentials, and social entrepreneurs.  I have received the ICF Prism Award for outstanding coaching.  I am the pioneering coach who created the Resilience and Leadership Pillar on Accelerate.
Positive Energy at Work, Meaningful Careers, Inspirational & Transformational Leadership, Evolution Leader Coaching & Facilitation
We, the coaches of Accelerate2030 are all very experienced in the context of the SDG and the challenges social entrepreneurs are facing. We focus on effective impact scaling beyond financial profit and we have a solid understanding of the requirements to run a business. The Accelerate2030 brings along an enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise in coaching. We are driven by the principles of empowering people. In addition, we provide access to our international networks and we are always eager on connecting people, vision, knowledge and value. 
Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41787481573​