I am an award winning and inspiring innovation & change coach with vast experience in startups and established organizational environments. I support individuals, teams, and organizations and work with them to turn their creativity into impact by designing and applying processes and tools that enable them to tap into their creativity for peak performance. My work has enabled me to gain an extensive understanding of the skills needed in working with millennials, across diverse cultures, and across silos. I have over fifteen years of experience in multicultural and multilateral operations in Europe and Asia.

I started my career twenty years ago doing qualitative research in the health sector to inform health interventions. After moving to South-East Asia, I worked on women’s empowerment and education, and curated more than 50 conferences on Lao & Thai history, culture, and current affairs. 

Since moving to Geneva, I have been working largely with startups and dream-teams in hackathons and innovation summits, and I have supported them in finding new solutions to persisting problems. Recently, I co-designed and co-led the Co-Creation Factory during the Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day (G3iD).

At present, I:

  • Coach individuals, teams, and organizations committed to  social change 
  • Co-lead the process of replicating the G3iD in Ghana
  • Support the Impact Hub Association in redesigning the future of business
  • Co-create  Digital for Social  solutions for advancing progress on the SDGs
  • Consult INGOs on designing innovative processes to align  the 5Ps (People, Processes, Peace, Planet, and Prosperity).

I hold a Master's degree in Sociology from the National University of Sofia, a Master's degree in Leading Innovation and Change from York Saint John's University, and I am a certified Executive & Organisational Coach from Columbia University in the city of New York.     

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